Eco-Feu Ethanol - Case of 12
Item#: 3670027

The Eco-Feu Ethanol - Case of 12 is a biological fuel produced from cereal (sugar beets, corn, colza or sugar cane), and distilled until it produces pure alcohol. An adulterant is added to the product so that the alcohol is unfit for consumption. Presently, our ethanol offers the best efficiency and the best safety for domestic use. Purchase includes one dozen 32 oz. bottles.


  • Bio-fuel made from cereal and distilled to alchohol
  • Efficient - the best safety for domestic use
  • Does not soot, smoke or smell

Gas emissions from an ethanol fireplace are comprised of water vapor and a small part of carbon dioxide. It is recommended to keep the room containing the unit well ventilated. Ethanol is not a fossil energy, such as wood or petroleum oil, therefore it does not leave soot or stain like traditional fireplaces.


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