Evo 30" Affinity 30G Circular Cooktop BBQ Grill Ceramic Coating
Item#: 49600011

Upgrade to the Evo 30" Affinity 30G Circular Cooktop BBQ Grill Ceramic Coating for a more durable cooking surface. When you choose this feature, your grilling surface comes coated with a durable, black ceramic finish which inhibits oxidation.


  • Ceramic coating eliminates oxidation
  • Durable, high performance cooking surface
  • Provides a lifetime of continual use

The ceramic coating is a secondary process which is fused to the cook surface in a kiln at 1500ºF. The combination of binding a ceramic coating to a heavy steel substrate produces a very durable and high performance cooking surface.

When this cooking surface is properly maintained, it will provide a lifetime of continual service.

There are a few things to note with regard to handling your cook surface and protecting its ceramic coating from becoming scratched or gouged. Much like fine cookware, you should be careful when using metal utensils. Avoid high impact techniques such as chopping and pounding. When removing the cook surface from the burner skirt, take care to rest it on heavy paper or cardboard to provide protection against scratches. Never use a wire brush or other aggressive implements to clean the cook surface.


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