Grate Wall of Fire Ornaments
Item#: 5300002

The Grate Wall of Fire is one of the most innovative new fireplace products available. Make yours beautiful by adding our Grate Ornaments! Each ornament fits on the Grate finials (top points). To add an ornament to the andirons, simply purchase the Ornament Adapter Base Bracket (shown in Photo Gallery) to attach the ornament to one of the bottom points.

(Ornaments are referenced numbered left to right.)
1 - Gothic
2 - Star
3 - Gothic Soft Top
4 - Oak
5 - Royal Crown
6 - Spanish
7 - Pineapple

Please click on the images in the photo gallery to view the Adaptor Bracket in use, and to view a few suggested ornament/grate combinations. With such a varied selection, however, the possibilities are virtually endless!

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