Heartland Oval Stainless Steel Waterjacket
Item#: 46700016

By installing a Heartland Oval Stainless Steel Waterjacket in your cookstove, you can reduce your hot water utility bill. The waterjacket heats 8 to 10 gallon per hour (about 10,000 BTUs).

The water jacket is a hollow baffled chamber that fits in the firebox. Two pipes and a pump installed from the water jacket to the electric or gas water heater, circulate heated water from the stove to the storage tank. Because cold water cools the water jacket in the firebox, creosote will be attracted to its cool surface, like humidity being attracted to a cold window. These deposits will quickly burn off thus reducing creosote formation in the stove and chimney.

Please Note: The Manufacturer does not validate the product warranty when sold outside of the US.


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