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Outdoor Decor

In this section you’ll find a large variety of products to meet all of your outdoor needs. Check out our collection of Door Bells and Knockers or super trendy and decorative Rain Chains. We also offer a wide selection of Country Bells, Eagles, Faucets, Gel Firebowls, Wrought Iron Wall Friezes, Outdoor Clocks, Sundials, and Copper Home Accents.
Door Bell Knockers
Door Bell Knockers

Country Bells

These hanging, outdoor country bells can suit a variety of tastes and décor. Add a charming, decorative touch to your home or garden with one of our whimsical and fun country bells.

Door Bells & Knockers

Make a great first impression and welcome all who visit your home with one of our whimsical doorbells or door knockers. All are handcrafted in solid brass with polished verdigris patina. Don't forget to check out the coordinating product!


The eagle is traditionally used to represent freedom. Living as he does on the tops of lofty mountains, he has unlimited freedom. The American Bald Eagle gained immediate, unofficial recognition as our National bird when the Great Seal of the United States was adopted on June 20, 1782. Express your patriotic feelings with any of our Eagle Home Accent pieces. Great for anytime throughout the year, these eagles would make an excellent addition to any home's decor. Mount them to a wall or add one to the top of your flagpole.


A faucet, often referred to as a spigot or tap, is a valve for controlling the release of a liquid. Choose one of our solid brass faucets for your hose that best depicts your decorating taste. Leave no area of your outdoors overlooked!

Rain Chains

Rain Chains are a unique and beautiful alternative to traditional closed metal or plastic downspouts.

Gel Firebowls

Gel firebowls are a unique and trendy new way of adding light and interest to any outdoor setting. Simply add a can of alcohol fuel for flickering, long-lasting flames, and enjoy the romantic glow that they'll lend to your party.

Wrought Iron Wall Friezes

Display these fine art pieces outside with no worries- wrought iron will withstand the elements!

Outdoor Clocks

Add tremendous art and sophistication to your outdoor living space with one of our great outdoor clocks and/or thermometers. These great outdoor clocks combine functionality with a decorative flair. The rust-free durability of aluminum, upscale paint finish and unique design all combine to make any of these the perfect fit for your outdoor decorating needs.


A sundial is a device that measures time by the position of the Sun. The most commonly seen designs, such as the 'ordinary' or standard garden sundial, cast a shadow on a flat surface marked with the hours of the day. As the position of the sun changes, the time indicated by the shadow changes. However, sundials can be designed for any surface where a fixed object casts a predictable shadow. Although the sundial has been replaced by modern timepieces, the sundial still offers practical functionality and earthen beauty. Use a sundial to embellish your garden and create a unique conversation piece.


Outdoor Home Accents

Accessorize your home with these beautiful home accents. From Welcome Mats to Wishing-Wells we have it all.

Gazing Globes

There's something magical about these dazzling globes in a garden!

Garden Statues

Garden statues and monuments bring whimsy and grace to any space.

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