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Fireplace Spark Screen Rod Kit
Item#: 4711538

If you are looking for a replacement set of rods for your fireplace spark screen you will be happy with the Fireplace Spark Screen Rod Kit. This product safely extends to a length of 58 inches.


  • Extends 58"
  • Simple to install
  • Mesh panels will cleanly pass by each other when fully closed

The Fireplace Spark Screen Rod Kit is also easy to install and secure with a mounting screw. One end of each rod is flattened and has a 1/4" hole prepunched for mounting. The kit also has a steel mounting bracket with offset punch tabs to hold the other end. The bracket is designed for the mesh panels to cleanly pass by each other when it is fully closed. The center bracket has an adjustable mounting bracket which will allow you to mount it either on the top or from the front.

You can order a couple of these rod sets today and you can quickly and easily attach your spark screen and have an extra set on hand just in case you may need another one in the future.


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