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Weathervanes and Cupolas
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Signature Size Weathervanes

Magnificent, larger sized weathervanes are exceptionally well-made to complement larger homes, barns, cupolas, or commercial buildings. Elegant design and impressive scale make these Signature Size weathervanes the centerpiece of our weathervane collection! Available in a variety of finishes, including a brand new Blue Verde featured on the 3 Geese in Flight , many of our Signature size weathervanes include extra large brass directionals and oversized copper spacer balls.

Full Size Weathervanes

Hand-crafted using old-world techniques, these Full Size weathervanes are perfectly sized for most homes, garages, or gazebos. Unlike weathervanes of lesser quality, ours come with stainless steel and brass components to ensure years of maintenance free enjoyment. With seemingly endless options of engaging and distinctive weathervanes, choosing the one that best represents your tastes is effortless! Give the popular Attack Eagle Weathervane a closer look!

Cottage Size Weathervanes

Decorative and fully functional, our Cottage Size weathervanes create a feeling of delight while adding a personal touch to your home. Many of our smaller cottage size weathervanes, such as the Blue Heron , offer a variety of mounting options, such as garden mount, roof mount or deck mount. With these options, it is easy to customize your weathervane to fit perfectly where you want it!

Table Top Weathervanes

These charming Table top weathervanes are ideal for displaying indoors atop your desk or on your bookshelves. At just the perfect scale, the Golfer Table Top Weathervane allows you to show your personal tastes and hobbies while adding just a little more drama to your décor.


Available in sizes to fit any home from modest to enormous, our Cupolas come in a variety of materials such as wood, high-quality vinyl and polished copper. Choose from pagoda style roofs, louvered and open windows designs, no-maintenance vinyl featured on the Huntington Vinyl Cupola, or paintable wood structures such as the Dover Wood Cupola . The crowning complement to any home or outdoor structure, these Cupolas will make an impressive addition to your home!

Weathervane Mounting Options & Accessories

Displaying your weathervane atop your home may be the traditional way, but displaying it indoors and on the side of your home is no problem at all with our various mounting options! Choose from a number of options from the indoor display bases to side-arm mounting brackets. Also, if you want your polished weathervane to stay that way instead of weathering over time to a natural greenish patina, choose our StayBrite spray to protect polished copper and brass weathervanes!


Check out our large selection of Copper Finials, that when placed on top of you home will leave you neighbors to stand back and admire.

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