From the initial concept to completed kitchen, Woodland Direct will walk with you every step of the way.

head iconYour Kitchen is our Priority

At Woodland Direct, we consider every project to be our most important - no matter how big or small. Our outdoor room designers will work with you throughout the entire process to bring your custom outdoor kitchen to life, from the initial design to final delivery.

head iconWe can achieve what others still dream of

When you collaborate with us, there's nothing that can't be done - literally. From creating kitchens with a perfect curve to constructing shapes that only exist in the shadows of your mind, we'll help you bring your ideas to life. Here at Woodland Direct, our steel frames are shaped and molded into the exact shape that you have in mind, ensuring your kitchen will be built with a perfectly smooth radius.

head iconYour dedicated outdoor room designer

After one conversation with one of our outdoor room designers, you'll realize that we're dedicated to engaging in a relationship with each of our customers. We're here to answer your questions and provide you with an outdoor cooking area customized especially for you! We work with homeowners, contractors, builders and architects alike to get the job done.

head iconThe highest quality kitchens available today

These custom outdoor kitchens are built to last. Because they're constructed out of galvanized frames, welded together and then regalvanized, these models are the most durable structural units on the market. The frames are then covered with concrete hardiboard siding, guaranteeing that it'll be able to withstand extreme temperatures and weather conditions. This seamless construction process prevents rusting and cracking, ensuring product longevity and individual care. Additionally, we've hand crafted each model at a factory in the USA so that you can be sure each unit has been assembled with perfect proportions.

head iconPersonalized Owner's Manuals

Every step of creating your outdoor kitchen is customized, right down to the very owner's manual. Each manual is illustrated with pictures and directions exactly corresponding with your outdoor kitchen. That way, you won't have to leave anything to chance.

head iconReliable packaging and shipping

It's important to us that you receive your custom kitchen free from damage. That's why we've specifically designed our packaging and shipping procedure to transport it with extreme care. Each unit is packaged and shipped on specialized crating to allow for the least amount of assembly.

head iconCompleted Kitchens available

All of our outdoor kitchen models are available in countless finish options or ready to finish materials, including brick, cultured stone and stucco. Our stucco is exclusively processed with scratch resistant protective coating, adding to the long life of your product.

head iconOur difference is in the details

Each custom kitchen is checked, inspected and validated for functional use. Our team of designers and builders is trained to pay careful attention to detail, from optimum plug placement to our weather-resistant finishes. In purchasing one of these models, you can be sure that it's built to meet your lifestyle needs.

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