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Draft Inducers

In-line draft inducers help create the draft necessary for your boiler system or furnace to run most efficiently. Whether you’ve encountered problems from an undersized chimney or have been faced with a restrictive combustion chamber, these draft inducers will prevent smoke and odors from filling your home. The exhaust fan pulls the gases and smoke up the flue, assuring a positive draft, while also preventing excess creosote build-up. This unit can easily be installed within your vent pipe, no matter its dimensions; in-line draft inducers come in various sizes and capacities to ensure a proper fit. They also help to prevent any back puffing of smoke into your room.


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Install one of these efficient in-line draft inducers within your vent pipe to solve problems related to negative pressure, down drafts, and undersized chimneys. These fans aid in the proper exhaustion of draft from your appliance, ultimately improving its performance. They draw the air up the stack and keep it moving smoothly, maintaining the negative pressure throughout your venting so that your unit keeps running at its best.
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