Algreen Terracotta Madison Fountain with Rain Barrel Feature
Item#: 2360052

The Algreen Terracotta Madison Fountain with Rain Barrel Feature is a beautiful feature for your growing garden that's terracotta color will match any decor. The fashionable fountain includes every component that you need to see it's flowing water leap through the top of the base. It's energy-efficient pump, tubing, fountain head, and screen complete the fountains construction with just a few minutes of assembly time! Easy to build and naturally enjoyable, this fountain is accented with smooth river rocks that are designed to give your fountain an earthly look. Amplify your luxurious backyard garden or seating area with this calming fountain.


  • Centerpiece for your outdoor garden
  • Easy assembly with parts included
  • Terracotta finish
  • 49 gallon rain barrel feature

This gorgeous accessory for your outdoor garden or entertainment area comes with a 49 gallon rain barrel feature, making it possible to directly water your garden or lawn using the water pressure from the rain barrel. This feature can be accessed by simply connecting a hose to allow higher pressure release. Open up the door for the chance to beautify your garden in the most ecofriendly way possible.


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