All Seasons Indoor Composter - Tan
Item#: 3000001

The All Seasons Indoor Composter - Tan is a unique indoor composter that will recycle your kitchen waste into an organic compost soil conditioner. This bin uses the most effective method of fermenting--anaerobic (without oxygen) fermentation. This process prepares the scraps for burial in less than half the time of conventional composting methods without any unpleasant odors. This indoor composter includes two unique features, a strainer and spigot, allowing the moisture released by the scraps of food waste to be drained out to prevent spoilage. This concentrated liquid can be used as a fertilizer or to clean your kitchen and bathroom drains once diluted.

Used in conjunction with All Seasons Bokashi (sold separately), the system provides the ideal conditions to activate anaerobic fermentation that accelerates the composting process, while eliminating odors and deterring flies.


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