Automatic Rain Water Diverter - for 2x3 Downspout
Item#: 3920014

Water conservation is made easy and efficient with this Automatic Rain Water Diverter - for 2x3 Downspout. These automatic diverters are outfitted to attach directly from your downspout to the water barrel with an attachment hose, allowing you to collect water faster. Once the barrel is full, the excess rain water is diverted back into the downspout to drain as it did before.


  • 12 inch hose provided
  • Easy to assemble, with few tools needed and instructions included
  • Created from white upcycled vinyl fence post covers

This model is specifically designed to fit a 2x3 inch downspout. By using the Automatic Rain Water Diverter - for 2x3 Downspout, you'll create a better flow to your water collection system, allowing you to use your resources to their full advantage.


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