Bad Ash M-41 Fireplace Cleaner
Item#: 2740001

Fireplace ash is very fine and will clog vacuum bags and filters, they are not located before the motor to protect it. What does that mean?

You are ruining your vacuum. Fine particles are clogging it and killing its performance. These particles go into the motor like fine sandpaper robbing years of life. Repairmen will tell you that there are just some things you don't ever want in your vacuum, like:

  • Fireplace Ash
  • Sheetrock Dust
  • Cat Litter
  • Nails
  • Broken Glass
  • Potting Soil
The Bad-Ash M-41 can be used for all the above listed uses.

Attach the Bad Ash barrel to your home vacuum with the positive locking system and start cleaning. The aluminum metal reinforced hose will not melt and can handle accidental hot coal (recommended for cold ash use only). The HEPA filter is fire retardant and will help to clean in a breeze.

The direct vacuum hole that is located on the top of the vacuum is 2" in diameter. It has a 1" grommet that leaves a 1" empty diameter in the middle. This hole can accept a nozzle that is between 1-2" in diameter.


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