Black Overflow Rain Barrel - 55 Gallons
Item#: 3920001

If you're looking for more ecological solutions to watering your garden, then consider the Black Overflow Rain Barrel - 55 Gallons. These Rain Barrels are both environmentally friendly and color neutral. Each one is made from Food Quality High Density Poly Ethylene Plastic Barrels, and is cleaned with rain water and PH neutral soap prior to shipping. Their black coloring allows them to blend well in any garden or front yard.


  • Sturdy Screening keeps out unwanted sticks, leaves and mosquitoes
  • Comes with Plastic Fittings to allow barrel to extend and contract
  • Available in an array of colors and sizes to match any surrounding

Because of their sturdy composition, these rain catchers are incredibly weather resilient and can be left outside year-round. That way, you don't even have to worry about changing the downspouts in the Spring or the Fall. Purchase the Black Overflow Rain Barrel - 55 Gallons and watch as your life gets a little bit easier.


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