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Compost Tumblers


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The Compost Tumbler takes the idea of the compost bin to the next level. Aeration is a crucial factor to composting. With most composters, there is a need to mix the compost to inject oxygen, expediting the breakdown of organic materials. Compost tumblers make this process incredibly simple! Most feature a drum shaped bin that is easily rotated, automatically turning over the compost mixture and giving it the oxygen it needs to work. Some models can even be rolled around your yard. The compost pile is now movable to wherever you need it.

Compost Tumblers help to inject oxygen into the compost mixture, making them some of the most efficient compost tools available today. With very little effort, compost can be mixed, a process that is crucial to the natural breakdown of organic materials. These composters make it simple for everyone to have composting success.


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