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Compost Tumblers

The Compost Tumbler takes the idea of the compost bin to the next level. Aeration is a crucial factor to composting. With most composters, there is a need to mix the compost to inject oxygen, expediting the breakdown of organic materials. Compost tumblers make this process incredibly simple! Most feature a drum shaped bin that is easily rotated, automatically turning over the compost mixture and giving it the oxygen it needs to work. Some models can even be rolled around your yard. The compost pile is now movable to wherever you need it.

Compost Tumblers help to inject oxygen into the compost mixture, making them some of the most efficient compost tools available today. With very little effort, compost can be mixed, a process that is crucial to the natural breakdown of organic materials. These composters make it simple for everyone to have composting success.

Compost Bins

Compost bins are great for the active gardener who likes to keep a compost pile going at all times. They are generally larger than other types of composting systems. Stationary compost bins are also fantastic at handling a large amount of yard waste such as leaves and grass clippings. Compost bins are suited for a wide variety of gardeners, from the veteran green thumb to the composting novice. They can be closely monitored for faster results or let nature run its course with a hands-off approach.

Compost Bins are great at accepting most any type of material thrown at them. They can be considered the traditional choice and a great starting point for those new to composting or the seasoned gardener alike. The compost bin is the cornerstone of a successful garden.

Kitchen Composting

Kitchen composters offer a variety of attractive choices for composting right in your home. From the simple ceramic crock to the more advanced electronic models, Woodland Direct offers a wide variety of kitchen composters. Whether you keep it on the counter or by the back door, a kitchen composter will get you in the habit of composting.

The main draw of kitchen composters is their convenience. Some kitchen models are a simple container with a carbon or charcoal filter that is kept on the counter. More advanced electronic models can actually complete the composting process right in the kitchen. Food waste is automatically mixed and heated, greatly increasing the efficiency and lowering the turnaround time it takes to make rich nutrient-filled compost. Either way, the kitchen composter offers convenience that is unparalleled.

Compost Tools and Accessories

What do you get for the person already into composting? Composting accessories! These tools are useful in helping with a variety of composting tasks. Whether it’s an aerator for stirring you compost bin, or a thermometer for checking compost temperature, Woodland Direct offers the prefect accessory for your composting setup.

Composting Toilets

Composting Toilets are a way to reduce dependency on local water and sewer systems while creating nutrient rich compost. These toilets are often used in cottages or small homes where they are considered a far superior alternative to the traditional outhouse. Start saving money, reducing waste, and benefitting your garden with a compost toilet from Woodland Direct. Our technical sales staff will be happy to aid you in choosing the right toilet for your dwelling.

Worm Composting

Worm Composting, or Vermicomposting, is the practice of allowing worms to break down organic material and turn it into compost. Worms were born to do this work, efficiently making castings, or worm manure. Worms can even increase in number over a season of composting. Worms can double in number every three months but are self regulating, so they will not over populate your bin. Worm Compost Bins offer the perfect conditions in which to harvest this rich compost.

Compost Tea

Compost Tea Brewers are the perfect addition to any composting system. Compost tea is rich in beneficial bacteria and fungi, along with organisms like nematodes and protozoa. By steeping compost in water and aerating this mixture, these items will multiply at an amazing rate! The resulting brew injects life into root systems and protects leaves from common plant disease.

Compost Spreaders

If you need compost spread, Woodland Direct can help you get it there. Whether you are a farmer, a landscaper or a home gardener, there is a compost spreader that is perfect for you. From the simple drum roller to the tow-behind industrial spreader, Woodland Direct offers the compost spreader you’re looking for.

Composting Kits

Start Composting today, with one of our Woodland Direct Exclusive Composting Value Kits! These kits not only offer huge savings, but they make composting easier than ever. Save Big Money when you buy a complete kit today.

Insulated Compost Bins

Accelerate your composting process with one of these Insulated Compost Bins. The insulation will protect it against the cold, as well as keeping it at the proper temperature. Get a head start on your garden with one of these units!

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