Custom Firescreen Lava Grill
Item#: 1401081

Small and lightweight, the Custom Firescreen Lava Grill is perfect for any backyard event, campsite, or tailgate get together. With the added grilling baskets, your grilling space is maximized, and its unique design provides efficiency with a 100% complete burn of charcoal.


  • ¼” Steel Side Walls Heat up to 800 Degrees
  • Includes two grill baskets and removable handles
  • Gravity ash drop for easy clean up
  • Lightweight, compact, and mobile
  • 384 sq. inches of cooking space

The Custom Firescreen Lava Grill has 1/4” steel side walls that reach up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit - it will help radiate infrared heat to the side grill baskets, charring and caramelizing your food to mouthwatering perfection. With a non-stick coating on the grill baskets, your food will be easier to clean up. As your food cooks, the oil and fats drip away from the fire preventing flare-ups and keeping nitrates from getting on your food.

The upper cast iron grid and the side baskets create 384 sq. inches of grilling space, providing enough space for any backyard event, picnic, or outdoor get together. This grill comes with a cast iron top cooking grid and lifter, two grill baskets and removable handles, one grate lifter, easy start fire starters, and gravity ash drop for easy clean-up. This grill is a must have for your outdoor events and parties.


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