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Universally known as a natural fire starter, fatwood comes from the stump of the tree, which is filled with flammable tree resin. Not only is fatwood a safe alternative to kindling, but it is so highly effective that it can be lit even when it’s wet. Lastly, and best of all, it only takes two pieces to start a fire, so a little fatwood goes a long way.

Gel Fire Starters

Specifically formulated to start fires in a safe and eco-friendly way, our line of gel fire starters takes all the set-up out of getting started. Each of the products we offer are biologically clean and approved by the Environmental Toxicology Department of the National Institute of Hygiene to be safe on people and the environment – meaning that when you get your fire started, you don’t leave a carbon footprint.

Matches & Holders

For those after a more classic approach to starting a fire, we make even the most traditional methods more simple and unique. With our distinctive selection of match holders crafted from tin, cast iron, and brass, you’ll spend less time searching for the matches and more time in front of the fire.

All Purpose Fire Starters

If you’ve owned a fireplace for any length of time, you know that getting the fire started can be a bit more difficult than just laying wood on the grate. Here at Woodland Direct, we believe that things should just work - and that’s where our line of all purpose fire starters comes in. Designed in a variety of styles that will fit each household, our innovative selection makes it as easy as just opening a package and striking a match.

Paper Log Rollers

In a surprising step toward blending in-home heating with clutter reduction, our signature paper log rollers take old newspapers and spin them into a new method of fire starting. While other techniques of starting a fire can require refills as often as once or twice a month, paper log rollers make it as easy as spinning a handle.

Fire Pots

Combining liquid fuel with soapstone, our catalog of firepots makes lighting your fire that much easier. The porous stone as able to soak up and retain a certain amount of kerosene, which, when lit, acts as an extended and enlarged match. After only a few second of exposure to the soapstone, you’ll have your fire going – and since the kerosene simply burns off, you can use your soapstone again and again.

Ceramic Fire Starters

There are times when the most dangerous aspect of owning a wood burning fireplace is trying to light it. For those looking for a safer alternative, we offer ceramic firestarters. Cut from ceramic stone and housed in cast iron bodies, these products are not only durable – they even burn hot enough to light wet firewood.

Electric Fire Starters

Surpassing all competition in terms of style and grace, electric firestarters are the fastest, cleanest, easiest, and safest way to light your fireplace or grill. Not only will our electric firestarters have your firewood ignited in less than sixty seconds, but they also don’t use any chemicals or fossil fuels, effectively making them the most eco-friendly choices on the market.

Gas Starter Pipes

Although a gas fireplace can be quick, effective, and convenient, it can also require maintenance and replacement parts over a period of time. Here at Woodland Direct, we think things should be built to last, and that’s why all of our natural gas burner pipes are made to be tough, durable, and reliable – so that the next time something needs replacing, it isn’t your gas pipe.

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