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Self Feeding Grates

Created for function and crafted for flair, these self-feeding grates keep the fire going with nothing but gravity to help. It’s as simple as stacking up the logs and letting them burn – the grate is designed to deliberately drop the un-burnt wood into the hottest part of the fire, keeping the fire going so that you don’t have to.

Ember Bed Grates

For those who are after a clean, efficient burn, we offer our line of diamond bar stock and black steel ember bed grates. Specifically designed to keep the hot coals directly under the wood, this innovative design keeps hot embers off the floor, not only make it easier to get the fire started, but to keep it going for as long as there is wood to burn.

Lifetime Grates

Thicker, heavier, and deeper than the average model, our line of lifetime warranty grates is designed to withstand the harsh environment of your fireplace for years to come. We guarantee that if you take one of these grates home with you, you’ll never have to buy another one again – and that’s why we back them with a lifetime warranty, just to prove it.

Cast Iron Grates

The truth is, there is a certain allure to burning real wood, and it can’t be replicated with synthetic fires. If you’re after that signature charm, we want to help you capture it. That’s why we’ve put together a line of quality cast iron grates, which are specifically designed to hold in the heat; meaning that even when the fire begins to fade, your grate will be ready and waiting to get it started again.

Steel Bar Grates

Most fireplace grates aren’t designed to withstand the harsh temperatures of an open flame, and they will burn out after only a couple of years. Here at Woodland Direct, we believe that grates should be made to last, and that’s why ours come with a lifetime warranty – so that no matter how long your fire burns, your grate will be there longer.

Stainless-Steel & Outdoor Grates

Durability is the most important aspect of outdoor fire grates –the harsh exposure to the heat of the fire, coupled with rain, snow, and a variety of other environmental hazards, can degrade a low quality grate, leading to corrosion and rust. That’s why here at Woodland Direct, our line of stainless-steel grates are non corrosive and designed to withstand even the most unforgiving changes of the seasons.

Non-Tapered Grates

Two-sided and see through fireplaces present an interesting dilemma when it comes to choosing a grate. Since most grate designs are uneven, favoring one end of the hearth to accommodate a rear wall support, there is the problem of making a single side of your fireplace the “front,” regardless of your multi-sided hearth. Our non-tapered grates solve this problem by offering a symmetrical playing field, in turn making the inside of your fireplace as universal as the outside.

Expandable Grates

In a world that’s evolving, it’s important to stay open to the possibilities. Our selection of expandable fire grates can shrink and grow according to your needs, accommodating the smallest or the largest of hearths – and with the added feature of being self feeding, all you have to do is stoke the fire, let it burn, and let the grate take care of the rest.

Extra Tall Grates

At Woodland Direct, we believe that it’s the little things that make all the difference – a stronger metal, a better concept, a consistent design. That’s why, with special thought given to functionality, our selection of extra tall grates are built with 4” legs, leaving room for a mini firewood grate to sit beneath your extra tall grate and get the fire going sooner.

Zero Clearance Fireplace Grates

These fireplace grates are compatible with Zero Clearance or Pre-fabricated Fireplaces.

Contemporary Fire Baskets

Add modern class to your hearth with these Contemporary Fire Baskets. Each fire basket is outfitted with a removable door to block ash or the burner for your gas log set. They're also constructed from durable steel and finished with a classic brushed veneer. From product design and craftsmanship to quality materials and innovation, every detail has been considered to bring you the Contemporary Fire Basket you've been looking for.

Custom Fireplace Grates

These custom fireplace grates will maximize the wood burning area in your fireplace. Contact one of our product specialists today to purchase one of these grates.

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