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Antique Finish

Bringing traditional styles to the modern home, our antique tool sets are raising the bar on charm and levity. With alloys including brass, gold, copper, and Venetian bronze, we provide you with a variety of old-world styles that make it easy to find the right fit for your home, always staying true to the proven reliability of conventional living.

Black Finish

Inspired by the depth of smoky charcoal, our catalog of black finish tool sets is born from a desire to keep things simple, smooth, and classy. While these tool sets may not catch the eye like some of our other lines, that’s kind of the point – there are times when the most subtle statements make the biggest impact.

Brass Plated

Known for its classic and sophisticated nature, brass tells a story of timeless taste and luxury. As an alloy, brass thrives by giving off a muted shimmer of yellow-gold, establishing itself as a consistent favorite among those who are trying to say something meaningful. Because in the end, there can be no substitute for a superior metal.

Bronze Finish

Consisting primarily of copper, this selection of tool sets is made with the metal alloy bronze, which shines with a reddish-brown luster. Due to its reminiscence of fire itself, bronze has a way of catching the light of the flames as well as the imagination, making these tool sets just as decorative as they are functional.


With a shine that seems to come from the inside out, our vast selection of chrome and pewter tool sets bring the glisten out of the fire and into the room. Fitting right alongside the most modern styles and fashions, both chrome and pewter have the unique ability to look at once modern and classic, a quality born from elegant lines and polished surfaces.

Copper Finish Tool Sets

Darker than bronze and dimmer than brass, our copper tool sets are fashioned with elegance, intricacy, and sophistication. The muted tones of the metal give off a calm, cool air, and the dim luster of the metalwork points an observant eye right back to the fire. When it comes to matters of subtlety over style, our copper fireplace tool sets are the forerunners.

Custom Fireplace Tool Sets

These custom fireplace tool sets are available in several different finishes to match with your other hearth accessories.

Hand Forged Iron Toolsets

No two people are the same, and neither are two homes. Here at Woodland Direct, we think that your hearth should be as unique as you are, and that's where our hand forged iron tool sets come in – each of these models comes uniquely designed with a personal touch of its own, giving your hearth an irrefutably one-of-a-kind feel.

Long Toolsets

Ranging from thirty five inches all the way up to sixty, our extra long tool sets are also extra durable. Built to withstand continual use, even in a commercial setting, these high-grade tools come in bronze, copper, steel, and iron, making them the practical choice not only for a home, but also for a lodge, camp, or country club.

Mini Tool Sets

Here at Woodland Direct, we understand that good things come in small sizes. That’s why we’ve put together this collection of miniature tool sets – each piece is sized to fit the smaller burners, making them ideal for wood stoves and the like. And just in case you’re only looking for a single tool for your undersized heating unit, we sell everything individually, too.

Nickel & Brushed Steel Toolsets

Admired for their unique luster and shine, nickel and brushed steel are two alloys defined by their capacity to make strong statements and lasting impressions with a different kind of subtlety. Each tool set comes complete with a shovel, broom, and poker, accompanied by either tongs or an ash hoe.

Wall Bracket & Single Tools

To be honest, if our belongings say something about us, it can be possible to say too much. That’s why we’re offering our lineup of individual tools and wall brackets – so that no matter if you’re hoping to replace a lost tool or simply looking for a stand-alone, you can keep things subtle and simple without surrendering fashion and style.

Wrought Iron Finish

Brought to life by an earthen artistry, our wrought iron tool sets bear the burden of raw strength paired with the quiet tranquility of an artisan touch. Simplicity reigns in the heart of these designs, and it is that quiet appeal that has made our wrought iron styles so popular - not only with our consumers, but also with us.

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