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Rain Barrels

50-100 Gallon Rain Barrels

The 50 to 100 gallon rain barrel is the standard size for home use. A 60 gallon barrel can be filled by a single rain storm over a 1000 sq. ft. roof. We offer many rain savers in this size range and you are sure to find one that matches your decor.

Above Ground Rain Barrels

We a have a large selection of above ground rain barrels for you to choose from. Our Flat Back Wood Grain Rain Barrel looks great and sits flush against your home. This makes it easy to connect to your downspout. Or you could opt for one of our large 214 gallon rain harvest systems to water your lawn, wash your car, even keep your pond topped off and not run out of water.

Collapsible Rain Barrels

Our collapsible rain barrels make perfect sense for the northern climates. You can use your rain barrel throughout the year and then when winter comes simply collapse the barrel down an store it in your garage, shed, or basement. And with capacities of 34 to 265 gallons you can choose a collapsible barrel that will meet your needs perfectly.

Over 100 Gallon Rain Barrels

Have you been shocked by how quickly one storm can fill your standard sized rain barrel? Are you looking to harvest even more free water? Then one of our large capacity rain barrels will meet your needs. From our easily stored Knock-down 156 gallon rain barrel to our mammoth 1500 Gallon Rain Harvester we have a rain barrel to match your requirements.

Rain Barrel Parts and Accessories

Check here for any accessories you may need for your rain barrels. We sell rain catcher stands, down spout diverters, water pumps, and many other items to go with your rain barrels.

Rain Barrel Information

Every rain storm brings a wealth of water to your home. Learn how and why collecting rain water is beneficial and how to get started!

Rain Barrel Value Kits

Start rain harvesting today, with one of our Woodland Direct Exclusive Rain Barrel Value Kits! These kits not only offer huge savings, but they make catching water easier than ever. Save Big Money when you buy a complete kit today.


Sometimes getting the water from the rain barrel to the garden can be quite a chore, but with our water pumps emptying your rain barrel is easy!

Diverters & Link-Kits

Collect as much water at possible by using a diverter kit or connecting multiple barrels together with a link kit.

Stands & Accessories

Check here for any accessories you may need for your rain barrels. We sell rain catcher stands, filters and more.

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