Small-Door Personalized Fireplace Screen - Century
Item#: 1633012

With its air of classic modernity and abundance of finish options, the Small-Door Personalized Fireplace Screen - Century will herald beauty and simplicity into your hearth. In the past, monograms have been used to label the valuable property of royalty all over the world. Consider this personalized fireplace screen your own modern Coat of Arms. The doors of this model are the same regardless of the the screen as a whole.


  • Made in the United States
  • 20 finish options to choose from
  • Constructed from durable steel
  • Unique miniature door design
  • Scroll legs

With its simple flat top and block lettering, the Small-Door Personalized Fireplace Screen - Century will fit nicely in most living spaces. Each letter is fastened with prominence in the center of the fireplace screen doors. The fireplace doors can not exceed 44" wide by 31" high. Finishes are available in powdercoat and anodized options and blend well with the tightly woven mesh screen.

For screens smaller than 24" and larger than 48", please call one of our specialists and have a personalized fireplace screen built to your exact specifications.


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