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Wood Stove Fans

Heat produced by wood or gas stoves provides efficient warmth to your home. Our wood stove fans transform your conduction-based stove into a convection stove providing optimal efficiency with powered fan or blower unit forcing air movement over the stove. The conversion from conduction to a convection stove changes the heat transfer of the stove to powered convection. Convection heating forces hot air into the room, increasing the speed of heat transfer improving the overall efficiency of the wood stove. We also offer powered blower units like the ‘Magic Heat Reclaimer’ as well as electricity free ‘Ecofans’.


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Stop relying on your wood stove to do all the work - these wood stove fans effectively heat large areas of your home, reducing your winter heating costs altogether! Depending on your preference, there is a choice between powered blowers and electricity-free units to help your wood stove function more efficiently.
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