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Small - Under 1500 sq ft

If you need clean and efficient heating for a relatively small area, browse our selection of Small Wood Stoves. These compact units offer good installation clearances and incredibly affordable heating. Small Wood Stoves can generally heat rooms or houses that are 1,500 square feet and under. Install these small wonders anywhere a chimney can be properly routed.

Medium - 1500 to 2000 sq ft

Many consumers have homes that fall within the 1,500 square feet to 2,000 square feet range. If that includes you, then a Medium sized Wood Stove is probably perfect for you. Burn Wood cleanly and efficiently, saving thousands of dollars in heating bills over the lifetime of your Medium Wood Stove.

Large - Over 2000 sq ft

Have a large room or house that needs heating? Looking to save in heating bills? Browse Woodland Direct’s selection of Large Wood Stoves. These stoves generally burn hotter and longer, and have larger capacities than other stoves offer. As a side benefit, many accept larger logs. Our Large Wood Stoves will heat your home with BTUs to spare.

Cast Iron Wood Stoves

The Cast Iron Stove is the gold standard of cost-effective heating. A cast iron stove is built tougher, and will last longer. Nothing matches the longevity of a well-made Cast Iron Stove. Many models even have Cast Iron Cook Tops that make the stove even more versatile. For many homeowners, the Cast Iron Stove is the perfect choice.

Wood & Coal Furnaces

Wood and Coal Furnaces can work in conjunction with or in place of your current furnace system. Whether you burn Wood or Coal in your Furnace, you will be saving money over other costly heating methods. Choose the right Wood or Coal Furnace for your home, and start saving today!

Coal Stoves

The switch to a Coal Stove makes perfect economic sense. Coal Stoves can produce the same heat as wood, gas or pellets and a much more affordable price. Burn coal in your stove and same money. Lower your heating costs with your very own Coal Stove.

EPA Approved Wood Stoves

Because of the Biomass Tax Credit Program, you could be eligible to receive a dollar for dollar tax credit of up to $300. Search through these tax credit eligible stoves to find a qualifying wood or pellet stove.

Wood Stoves for Cooking

While wood stoves may conventionally be used as a home heating appliance, many models feature a cast iron top - perfect for heating your tea kettle or allowing a pot of soup to simmer. Wood stoves are ideal for cooking in small batches and add timeless appeal to your kitchen.

Timberwolf Wood Stoves

With a Timberwolf Wood Stove, you can find all the features of high end stoves without the high cost. Featuring free-standing units or Wood Burning Inserts, Timberwolf’s line is a great way to reduce your dependence on more costly heating methods. Choose a Timberwolf Wood Stove and experience the value today!

Residential Retreat Wood Stoves

Residential Retreat Wood Stoves are proudly made in the USA, displaying a commitment to American manufacturing and employment. These stoves are highly efficient and solidly built, guaranteeing you warmth for years to come!

Vogelzang Wood Stoves

Vogelzang Wood Stoves are built on the tenants of quality, durability and convenience. Each Vogelzang Wood Stove is created with these ideals in mind. Choose a Vogelzang Wood Stove and experience the craftsmanship, longevity and ease of use associated with this respected brand name.

Napoleon Wood Stoves

With Napoleon Wood Stoves, feel confident in knowing that you have selected a product that far exceeds industry standards. Attractive and functional, Napoleon Wood Stoves utilize the latest in wood stove technology to deliver a product that burns clean, saves money and is built to last. Napoleon Wood Stoves and Inserts are the perfect solution for heating your home.

Hudson River Wood Stoves

Hudson River Wood Stoves represent a variety of efficient, EPA Certified Wood Stoves. Whether you are looking for a classic looking Wood Stove, or a more modern unit, Hudson River has a model that will meet your needs. Attractive finishes offer many design choices, while extensive real-world testing ensures that you will be able to rely on these stoves as a superior heating method for your home.

$500 - $1,000 Wood Stoves

If you are searching for an affordable Wood Stove, browse our selection of models between $500 - $,1000.

Under $500 Wood Stoves

Wood Stoves under $500 can share many of the same features of their more important counterparts. Shop our selection of Wood Stoves under $500 and get a great value.

$1,000 - $1,500 Wood Stoves

Looking for a Wood Stove from $1,000 - $1,500? Woodland Direct has a fantastic selection of Wood Stoves in this price range.

$1,500 - $2,000 Wood Stoves

Choose a Wood Stove between $1,500 - $2,000 and start heating your home in a efficient and cost-effective way.

$2000 - $2500 Wood Stoves

Select a $2000 - $2500 Wood Stove to heat your home economically this winter. Choose from the top brands to select the Wood Stove that is perfect for your home.

Over $2500 Wood Stoves

Wood Stoves over $2500 can generally offer larger heating capabilities and hold more wood than their counterparts. If you have a large area to heat, browse our selection Wood Stoves over $2500.

Wood Stoves - Most Popular

Find out which Wood Stoves have been to be the best choice for other Woodland Direct customers. Wood Stoves in this category have been found to be the best performers in their class. Choose one of Woodland Direct’s Most Popular Wood Stoves and rest assured that you have picked the perfect Wood Stove.

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Woodland Direct> offers a wide selection of the best Wood Stoves available on the market. Wood Stoves are an excellent way to heat your home without reliance on other costly heating methods. Choose from brands like >Napoleon, Vogelzang, Osburn and Timberwolf>. No matter what your heating requirements, >Woodland Direct> has the perfect Wood Stove for your home.

Us Stove Wood Stoves

United States Stove Company is a privately owned company that is proud to announce, that they celebrated it’s 140th birthday in 2009. Wood Stoves from the United States Stove Company are known for their reliability, durability and longevity. Choose a Us Stove and heat your home in a whole new way.

Wood Stoves Approved for Mobile Homes

Make your mobile home warm and welcoming with the addition of a wood burning stove! That’s right, this collection of wood stoves have been approved for use in mobile homes. Mobile Home Approved Wood Stoves are efficient, safe and just the perfect size. Choose the design that fits your mobile home best!

Drolet Wood Stoves

Drolet Wood Stoves bear a long lineage of quality manufacturing. The Drolet Corporation’s rich history extends back through the Drolet family to the turn of the century. These wood stoves display tremendous value and excellent workmanship.

Breckwell Pellet Stoves

These Breckwell Pellet Stoves are economical, effective, and simple to use. With their heavy duty steel construction, these units are both durable and reliable. Most stoves even have efficiency ratings over 80%.

Wood Stoves with Included Blower

Help to circulate the warm air around your room with these Wood Stoves with Included Blower. By purchasing a wood stove with an included blower, you’re getting the most of your stove by heating your home more efficiently.

Fire Chief Wood Burning Furnaces

With indoor and outdoor models both available, Fire Chief Wood Burning Furnaces capitalize on efficiency and economy in all their units. These wood furnaces are outfitted with a 360 degree roller grate and secondary combustion chamber for top performance. These wood furnaces are all proudly made in the USA.

Horse Flame Wood Stoves

Horse Flame Wood Stoves offer great heating capacity at great prices. Built from Cast Iron, these Wood Stoves will economically heat your home, and stay looking great for years to come. Air Wash Glass and Double burner plates are just two of the great features that these Horse Flame Wood Stoves offer.

Efel Wood Stoves

Efel Wood Stoves offer a great blend of classic style and technological advanced settings. With four models to choose from, you will be able to select the stove that fits your needs. With an optional control kit you have precise control over the fire's intensity and comfort.

Vermont Bun Baker Wood Stoves

The Vermont Bun Baker Wood Stoves offer you can opportunity to heat your home and bake all at the same time. The top of the stove offers great space for logs and keeps a roaring fire, while the bottom allows you to bake bread, pizza or cookies at the same time! With a soapstone surround this stove will heat your home long after the fire is out.

Century Wood Stoves

Because they’re built with a secondary air source, Century Wood Stoves burn less wood and have a limited impact on the environment. These eco-friendly stoves come in multiple sizes to accommodate a range of spaces.

Cook Stoves

Cook stoves provide a unique opportunity to use a single appliance to heat your home, warm water, and utilize for cooking. These versatile units use wood to achieve high levels of performance, no matter how you choose to take advantage of it. Our cook stoves come in a variety of styles and construction materials, ensuring that you’ll have access to the perfect wood cook stove for your living space.

Side-Loading Wood Stoves

Wood Stoves that load new logs from the side of the stove instead of the standard front-loading design. 

Heartland Wood Stoves

Heartland Wood Stoves makes it infinitely simple to heat your home, warm water, or cook dinner – all while using the same appliance. These wood burning cook stoves offer the traditional charm found in antique stoves with the modern technology and convenience in today’s units.

Contemporary Wood Stoves

We know that it’s important to fuse form with function. These contemporary wood stoves have sleek designs that fit in modern interiors, packing a lot of heat with style.

Contemporary Pellet Stoves

Enhance the modern air of your living room with a contemporary pellet stove. These heating units feature sleek lines and a sharp design, giving them a versatile look that will fit well in many surroundings.

Rear Venting Wood Stoves

Rear vented wood stoves are designed to vent through the wall, saving you a costly installation and time that could be spent elsewhere.

Tax Credit Eligible Stoves

Because of the Biomass Tax Credit Program, you could be eligible to receive a dollar for dollar tax credit of up to $300. Search through these tax credit eligible stoves to find a qualifying wood or pellet stove.

Osburn Wood Stoves

Osburn Wood Stoves have heating options for everybody. These stoves come in different models to be cater to homes of varying sizes. Choose your model based on style, BTUs produced per hour, price, or projected area heated.

Wood Stoves Brand: Heritage

Purchase a Heritage wood stove and enjoy the comfort of a warm fire on a snowy night. Available in both catalytic and non-catalytic models, these wood stoves pass the highest emission standards, so you can be sure that you're getting the most bang for your buck!

Brand: Breckwell

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