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Conmoto Ferro/Fuoco Andirons - Set of 2
Item#: 3700005

With the Conmoto Ferro/Fuoco Andirons - Set of 2, you'll add style and increased functionality to your hearth. This set of two andirons is ideal for holding up your firewood so that air can pass around it, encouraging proper burning and decreasing smoke. But perhaps most intriguing is their modern minimilist design and construction from reclaimed Italian railraod track.


  • Set of 2 tall andirons
  • 9.5" W x 19" H x 19" D
  • Contemporary design

When asked about the Ferro and Fuoco collection, designer Marco Ferreri has spoken of a walk through an old Italian village. Here, they used a 500 year old water-powered hammer run to cut and repurpose pieces of old railroad track into tools for the village. It's out of this concept that the Ferro/Fuoco series was born. The Conmoto Ferro/Fuoco Andirons - Set of 2 will be the perfect addition to your wood burning fireplace.


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