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22" Stronghold Ember Lifetime Fireplace Grate
Item#: 26200201

The 22" Stronghold Ember Lifetime Fireplace Grate adds elegance and simplicity to your wood burning fireplace. This 22" ember grate promotes heavy duty bar iron construction, making it perfect for holding up the logs for your next fire. Enjoy a cozy night by the fire with this stylish grate.


  • Black fireplace ember grate
  • Heavy duty bar iron construction
  • Holds embers closer to fire
  • Measures 22" wide with 6 bars

Different than many other grates, an ember grate is designed to hold embers closer to the fire and force only ashes to fall below. This permits less ash to build up and more fire to produce, enhancing your romantic evening by the fire. The simple design of this fireplace accessory allows it to accommodate any decor in your home.


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