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Bio-Blaze Bloc Bio-Ethanol Burner 2L/60oz.
Item#: 3690028

Create your own Bio-Ethanol fireplace with the Bio-Blaze Bloc Bio-Ethanol Burner 2L/60oz. or use it to turn your wood burning fireplace into a Bio-Ethanol fireplace. Enjoy the superior extended burn time with a full 2L/67oz. capacity ethanol fireplace burner! The clean flush mounted lines offer a truly contemporary, sophisticated look.


  • Bloc Capacity 67 oz. / 2L
  • Can Heat a Room from 172 sq. ft. to 430 sq. ft.
  • Consumption +/- 0.35 L/H
  • Burns for Approximately for 6-7 Hours
  • Liquid Bio-Ethanol Fuel Only

Made for new construction or remodels the Bloc Installation is easy and no-venting is required. The Bloc 2.5 liter insert can be installed/dropped into any fireproof material such as brick, ceramic, stone, tempered glass, or building board. The flame is easily extinguished by closing the damper. Place one or several together for a wall of fire. Perfect for lounges, bars, restaurants and residential spaces where the addition of vent free fire is desired.


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