Brasa Shadow Screen for Avani - Black
Item#: 4480026

You will simply love this bio-ethanol portable Brasa Shadow Screen for Avani - Black fireplace. It is built with high temperature ceramic and goes perfectly with the durable stainless steel burner. The screen adds a wonderful elegance to the room casting dancing shadows. The burner, sold separately, is actually a spill proof burner giving you extra peace of mind. Using stainless steel for the burner you will enjoy years and years of wonderful entertainment.


  • Made with High Temperature Ceramic
  • Casts Livley Shadows
  • Contemporary Design
  • Suitable for indoor / outdoor use
  • Burner Sold Separately

The fuel that is poured into the reservoir is bio-ethanol, a renewable source of energy produced from potatoes, corn, beets, sugar and other agricultural products. It is the cleanest burning fuel available and will not leave a residue. The only emission produce from using bio-ethanol is water vapor (steam) and very low levels of carbon dioxide. It is recommended, as with all fire burning products, that the room provides adequate ventilation.

When you combine the spill proof burner and the contemporary design of the Brasa Shadow Screen for Avani - Black you will easily have one of the safest fireplaces on the market. Bring an aire of elegance and refinement to your home or business when you light the burner. Add beauty and warmth to the surrounding area without raising your electric bill or adding odors and soot commonly associated with oil burning or wood burning units .


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