EcoSmart Fire e-nrg Bio-Ethanol Fuel - 60 Quarts (15 Gallons)
Item#: 3590155

Create a beautiful, dancing flame in your liquid fuel fireplace by using the EcoSmart Fire e-nrg Bio-Ethanol Fuel - 60 Quarts (15 Gallons).


  • Non-toxic/Clean burning
  • Use in ventless applications
  • Renewable energy source
  • Added bittering agent,/li>

This bio-ethanol fuel is composed of biological products and the combustion results in a clean emission: heat, steam and carbon dioxide.

This fuel is denatured with various substances for your safety and selling purposes. To prevent the accidental ingestion of denatured bio-ethanol by people or animals, the pure alcohol is "denatured" during the manufacturing process. This generally involves the addition of a bittering agent or taste deterrent which renders the fuel unpalatable.

Burning bio-ethanol creates a beautiful lively dancing orange flame that is simply mesmerizing. And because they don't need a flue or chimney you can now enjoy an open fire more easily than ever before in any location!

Please note: When used with an EcoSmart UL listed burner or unit it continues to be UL listed. This fuel cannot be shipped air due to TSA restrictions. Can only be shipped within the contiguous states. Phone number and adult signature required for delivery. Fuel cannot be returned due to Department of Transportation regulations. All sales are final on fuel.


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