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VioFlame Rectangular Ethanol Fireplace
Item#: 3210001

The VioFlame Rectangular Ethanol Fireplace is a one piece stainless steel reveal that can be freestanding or mounted onto the wall. This fireplace will accent any room you put it in!

Not only does this fireplace look good, it also provides real heat, enough to heat an average size room. This fireplace provides heat and a visual flame effect by utilizing ethanol 'denatured alcohol', a readily available, environmentally safe and renewable fuel.


  • Freestanding or wall mount (removable base)
  • Chrome plated, metal fender
  • Stainless steel burner
  • Stainless steel damper control
  • Hardware pack included

As the fuel is burned, heat is generated in the process, this heat is then used to heat the room via a process of convection. This convection fireplace is designed with an internal air path located at the rear and top of the firebox. During operation, heat from the burner raises the temperature of the metal firebox. The heated metal exchanges heat with the air inside the air path. The heated air rises and as it does, follows the air path up the back and across the top of the firebox and then out through the front air vent. As air is expelled from the outlet, more air is drawn in from below the firebox to be heated by the process once more. This cycle continues while the burner is operating and requires no external power. This is a gentle process of air transfer which causes warm air to circulate throughout the room.


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