Rasmussen FX Flaming Ember-Extra Vented Hearth Kit
Item#: 3200907

The Rasmussen FX Flaming Ember-Extra Vented Hearth Kit is designed with a basic single tube burner and paired with a grate and a larger ember booster. This hearth kit will produce pleasing, variable flames with a more compact ember bed. A control is required for all propane installations, advisable for natural gas.

This vented burner system operates on natural gas with a heat output of 43,000 BTUs. The burner pan is constructed of heavy 16-gauge steel, with 1/2" schedule-40 pipe for the main burner tube and 1/4" steel tubing for the ember booster. There are five burner sizes for you to choose from to fit your fireplace perfectly! Each hearth kit comes complete with:

  • Burner
  • Grate
  • Granulated white sand
  • Ember Magic
  • Connector kit
  • Damper clamp

This burner is for use only in fully functioning fireplaces in which it is safe to burn wood and with the damper wide open. Glass doors must be wide open when burning for proper ventilation, proper combustion and cooling of safety control calves and components.


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