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Fiberglass Fireplace Rugs

Made out of tough, fire-resistant fiberglass for the highest level of floor protection, these fireplace rugs offer the most security out of any hearth rug on the market. Not only can our fiberglass rugs not catch fire, but the fiberglass face prevents them from even being burned by floating embers or sparks.

Wool Fireplace Rugs

Much like our fiberglass line, our wool fireplace rugs are made out of natural fibers that prevent them from melting like other synthetic designs, offering an incredible amount of protection for your floor. Each of our wool fireplace rugs are made out of 100% New Zealand Wool and are tastefully designed to do more than just protect your hearth – they present it.

Nylon Fireplace Rugs

Boasting the highest melting point of any synthetic fibers on the market, our nylon fireplace rugs don’t catch fire or damage easily. Available in a wide range of colors and designs, we’ve gone the extra mile to give you the greatest selection of rugs so that you can find the right rug for your home the first time – economically, functionally, and stylistically.

Traditional Indoor Rugs

Stepping beyond habit and conventional thinking, our traditional fireplace rugs are woven with a vintage approach on fireside furnishings, always maintaining their freshness and vibrancy. Classic but not old-fashioned, ageless but not boring, each of our rugs sets out to interpret an old idea without ever losing the singular charm that once made it great.

Contemporary Indoor Rugs

Combining time-tested weaving techniques with a fresh, innovative design, our contemporary line of hearth rugs has been crafted with a passion for performance and a hunger for originality. By use of authentic forms and styles, we are able to bring you the finest in contemporary hearth protection, ranging from wool, to Seagrass, to jute.

Braided Indoor Rugs

Woven from such fabrics as wool, nylon, and polyester, our braided hearth rugs are a cut above the rest, leading the market in durability and class. Including jute and hand-woven wool designs, our braided rugs bring a sense of comfort and welcoming to the hearth, softening the hard edges of stone and mortar with a soft, appealing look.

Bamboo Rugs

We take pride in each of our products, and our bamboo rugs are no different – crafted to be non-slip and water-resistant, every one of our rugs has a ventilated back to keep it from slipping out from underneath you. To top it off, all of our rugs are treated with a specialized process of kiln-drying, then carbonized to reduce the chance of racking or warping.

Animal Skin Indoor Rugs

Here at Woodland Direct, we believe in trying new things – not just as a lifestyle, but with our products as well. Our category of animal skin rugs does just that: it seeks to be at once new, cunning, and different. Combining different animal skin prints into a variety of styles, these rugs employ minimalist design to redefine their untamed counterparts.

Mansion Size Indoor Rugs

Where there’s a will, there’s a better way. Our mansion-sized indoor rugs are made to fit the largest of interiors, spanning up to twelve by fifteen feet and beyond. From 100% Olefin to New Zealand Wool, we don’t force you to sacrifice quality for quantity – every one of our rugs is made from nothing less than the best, designed to fit your home with the style and grace that you deserve.

Indoor / Outdoor Synthetic Rugs

While it may seem that an outdoor rug would need to be coarse in order to not be ruined by the elements, the truth is that there’s a better way. Our durable, slip-resistant outdoor rugs are made out of such resilient materials as vinyl and polypropylene, keeping them from soaking up water like an indoor rug, as well as making them easy to wash off.

Outdoor Braided Rugs

Bringing the soft, clean feeling of the indoors to your deck, patio, and backyard, our braided outdoor rugs are not only a benchmark of durability, but they won’t shrink or lose shape over time. Water, mold, and mildew resistant, each of these rugs are colorfast and 100% reversible, allowing you to use either side of the rug.

Olefin Polyester & Polypropylene Fireplace Rugs

Resistant to fire, abrasion, stain, sunlight, and chemicals, olefin rugs have a low moisture absorption level, making them quick to dry and wick up moisture. The most important thing about olefin fibers are their strength – in wet or dry conditions, your rug will be incredibly resistant, making olefin rugs a good choice for those who are after a durable, lasting product.

Jute Hearth Rugs

Naturally renewable, Jute is a bamboo-like reed that is cultivated seasonally around the world. For centuries Jute has been valued for its durable, versatile nature, used initially in early rug weaving and now lasting into modern uses, like the ones we offer here. There is no substitute for quality material, and Jute is at the forefront when it comes to making a lasting hearth rug.

Rug Care

The truth is, taking care of your hearth rug is just as important as getting the right one in the first place. To prevent snags and tripping, we offer a diverse selection of rug grips, which keep your rug or carpet flat against smooth floors like wood and tile. Finally, once you’ve got your rug in place, it’s a good idea to keep it clean, too – and that’s where our spot removers come in. We have everything you need, right here.

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