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Canvas Log Bag
Item#: 1155310

When it comes to keeping wood close at hand for your fireplace, wood stove, and fire pit, we believe in convenience. That’s where the Canvas Log Bag comes in. Woven from select quality composite canvas, this product will help you bring in more wood in less trips, and it’s guaranteed to make the job easy.


  • Extra malleable canvas material
  • Heavy duty hauling straps
  • Intelligent design accommodates more firewood
  • Proudly made in the United States
  • Ten Year Limited Warranty

Come discover where flexible canvas weave and heavy duty hauling straps have come together to provide sustainable durability and tangible resilience. The relaxed black finish gives a show of superior taste, coupled with a hand-made American quality that has no substitute—and just for an added peace of mind, it’s guaranteed with a 10 Year Limited Warranty.


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