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Rasmussen Chillbuster C7 Ventless Log System
Item#: 3201175

The Rasmussen Chillbuster C7 Ventless Log System is a complete log set with burner that will accent your firebox! The logs are very detailed with heavy bark, natural split and a charred window to the burning embers.

Log System Includes:

  • Logs
  • 5/8" grate
  • Assembled burner, grate, safety control
  • Oxygen Depletion Sensor pilot
  • Connector and fitting
  • Volcanic ash
  • Embers
  • Damper clamp

The single burner features an opposed louver, 5/8" grate and this lanced port burner with an enhance ember lift.

This log set is specially designed with holes and pins that properly locate the logs in order to promote proper burner performance.

There are three burner lighting/control options with this log system.

  • Manual Control: Turn the valve knob to light the burner(s) and control the flame height. Can be converted to remote controlled with additional kit.
  • Remote Ready: Comes with a latching solenoid system that control the on/off of the burner(s) with a wireless device (sold separately).
  • Variable Flame Control: This motor drive system control the on/off and flame height with an included hand-held remote transmitter
  • The Chillbuster Ventless Log Systems are set certified to two standards: ANSI Z21.11.2 (unvented room heaters) and ANSI Z21.60 (vented decorative appliance). These systems are for use only in wood burning fireplaces or approved vent-free firebox enclosures. The Chillbuster Ventless Log Systems are supplemental zone heaters - they are not intended for continuous use or whole house heating.


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