Lynx 42" Cart-Mount Gas Grill-1 ProSear IR w/Rotisserie-NG
Item#: 4140280

Use the built-in temperature gauge on the Lynx 42" Cart-Mount Gas Grill-1 ProSear IR w/Rotisserie-NG to ensure your food is coming along just the way you like. Enjoy the consistent temperature provided by the grill’s heat stabilizing design. The reliable hot-surface ignition system ensures a safe and simple start. Ingenious blue LED illuminated control knobs and dual halogen grill surface lights make it easy to see what you’re doing, even as it gets dark outside.

Sixteen gauge 304 Stainless Steel is continuously welded smooth around edges for quality, strength, and beauty. The smart insulated hood is safe, this cart-mount gas BBQ is safe to touch, even when the grill is hot. The Lynx hood assist makes opening your grill effortless and convenient!


  • Available for propane or natural gas, and with three cast brass burners, one cast brass burner and one ProSear infrared burner, or all ProSear infrared burners
  • Constructed from 304 Stainless Steel
  • Total cooking surface: 1,200 square inches (855 primary, 345 secondary)
  • Heat-stabilizing design and hot-surface electronic ignition system
  • Control illumination with blue LEDs

Start your grilling season the right way with the Lynx 42" Cart-Mount Gas Grill-1 ProSear IR w/Rotisserie-NG! This incredible BBQ grill features all the classic Lynx amenities with some new, exciting twists. Impressive 1,200 square inch stainless steel grilling surface provides ample cooking space and extremely even temperature to get the job done right!


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