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Brand: Fire By Design

Brand: Firegear

Firegear's mission is to design products that consumers love by offering fresh fire entertainment items that come ready to go. Their extensive inventory of DIY firepit accessories and their wide selection of fire pit tables make it easy to add a new outdoor fire entertainment area in your backyard.

Concrete & Cement Fire Pits

Copper Outdoor Fire Pits

Fire Pit & Furniture Ensembles

Your outdoor room was meant to be united, in performance and in practice. To help you be sure that your backyard is as pleasing to the eye as it is to the rest of the senses, we’ve gotten a hold of these outdoor fire pit and furniture ensembles. Let our arrangements speak for your good taste – we’ve done the work, and now we invite you to share the benefits.

Fire Pit Covers

Rain, snow, sleet, and hail are just some of the elements our covers will protect your fire pits and fireplaces from. We have a large selection of covers in a variety of colors and shapes.

Fire Pit Grates & Accessories

This category contains everything you’ll need to complete your outdoor fireplace ensemble. Check out our grates, outdoor fireplace covers, and stainless steel outdoor fireplace tool sets and screens.

Fire Pit Grills

Most people think that grilling is just about getting the food cooked. For those that know better, we’ve taken a closer look, searching for that special touch of purity that sets wood-burning grills apart. Come discover a fresh way to grill, exploring fire pits that burn at the right kind of temperature and yield a real sort of taste.

Fire Pit Specials

Fire Pit Specials Category

Fire Pit Tables

These exceptional conversation tables will be the center of all of your backyard gatherings. Perfect for gathering friends and family around for a cozy meal or a fireside chat. From patio tables that have fire pits in the center, to smaller fire pits made of copper or granite; we have a wide selection sure to meet your wants & needs.

Gas Fire Pits

Extraordinary design combines with functionality to make these Firescapes a brilliant choice for your outdoor fireplace. Gather family and friends around a classic Firescape. Any of our Firescapes would make a classic addition to any outdoor space and are sure to be cherished for years to come!

Gas Fire Pits - Custom & Artisan

Revel in the radiant flames of these Gas Fire Pits - Custom & Artisan. With their singular designs, powerful BTUs, and handcrafted quality, these fire pits were created to make an impression. Whether you choose a fire pit with hints of artisan allure or one of the custom made units to match your unique design preferences, you'll be delighted by its structural integrity and excellent aesthetic.

Hidden Tank Fire Pits

Extraordinary design combines with functionality to make these outdoor fire pits a brilliant choice for your outdoor fireplace. Keep your gas tank out of sight with our hidden tank fire pits. The bulky tank can be out of sight at all times when entertaining and enjoying your fire pit.

Linear Fire Pits

Outdoor Linear Fire Pits are designed with versatility in mind. They will complement your outside entertaining area with a modern and striking style, creating a space that is sure to take your gathering or party to the next level. These fire pits are reminiscent of contemporary artwork—their strong lines and stark corners are sure to impress both friends and family alike!

Masonry Fire Pits & Fire Rings

Building your own fire pit might seem like an impossible undertaking at first, but this is something that we do every day. From laying plans to laying stone, we can provide you with the materials and the expertise that you won’t find anywhere else – because after all, if fire doesn’t have any boundaries, why should your imagination?

Outdoor Chimineas

Providing a safe space to keep warm and a heat that stands apart, our chimineas are built to be better than ever before with efficient, smokeless burning. Fire was meant to be untamed – we’re bringing things outside the hearth and beyond the four walls, right into the center of the patio where they can be the heart of each season’s evenings.

Outdoor Fire & Water Fire Pits

There is a peace of mind in water, a sort of murmured word of calm – and then, quite apart from this discipline, there is an affluence of strength in flames, quietly and steadily consuming. In the meeting of these two, when one can glimpse the other, there is a different kind of serenity that made us stop and wonder – why can’t these principles be joined as one? And this is where we found the answer.

Outdoor Gas Fire Bowls & Columns

The season has arrived for late nights on the patio. This year, instead of getting lost in the shuffle, we’ve decided to turn a fresh perspective on some time-tested ideas. From bonded columns styled after the Deco Roman era, to old-world recreations of some of the most famous methodologies on record, we invite you to take a step back with us. Experience the legacy – embrace your birthright.

Propane Tank Enclosures

Keep your propane tank hidden while enjoying your fire pit. Our tank enclosures come designed as side tables, so not only are they used to hide your tank you can use them to entertain!

Tiki Torches

It’s a simple fact: the summer season hasn’t arrived until you’ve broken out the Tiki torches.We'd like to cordially invite you into the light, life, and levity that only a ring of our favorite tropical torches can offer. So do what you do best – break out the Hawaiian shirts, the Mai Tai’s, and the bongo drums. We’ll be ready when you need a refill.

Wood Burning Fire Pits

From summer to spring, we’ll help you keep the party going and the fire stoked with our line of wood burning fire pits. Let us share the secrets to the perfect fire – going beyond simple tips and tricks, we’ll introduce you to a comprehensive understanding of just how incredible your fire pit can look, function, and feel.

Wood Fire Pits - Custom & Artisan

Whether you know it or not, your fire makes a profound statement about who you are – and there’s no accident about it. For those who’ve got the eye but need a place to look, we’re prepared to offer you a direction both artistic and functional, without sacrificing the fresh-picked essence of a fire pit that’s naturally you.

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