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Cubo Rain Barrel - 55 Gallons
Item#: 2390005

The cylinder shaped Cubo rain barrel is designed to meet all of your gardening water needs in a beautiful stylish fashion. When the dry season hits, every person wishes to find an economical way to still maintain their outdoor plants while not feeling like you are taking precious water from your community's water source. The Cubo rain barrel brings you nature's best water every time it rains and keeps it fresh and ready to use without adding stress on your local water supply.

You will love the seamless construction on this rain barrel with no gaskets to replace and the dependability of having all your fittings welded directly to the tank. These welded fittings allow you to easily change them if they become worn out. The barrel is fully UV protected which will decrease sun damage to your outdoor rain barrel and the material is completely recyclable for the eco-conscious person. This barrel is designed out of food grade virgin polyethylene.

This tank has a special Canale Polka-dot or pie shaped screened top that helps keep it animal, child, and mosquito resistant. The Canale top is designed to capture as much falling water as possible, yet is safe around small children and animals. When water falls, it spreads out as it falls, this top is designed to keep the splash to a minimum when it hits the top of the rain barrel, therefore, you will experience less waste on your water collection. You can also replace the screens for these tops very easily at any local hardware store when needed.

With little to no effort, you can swiftly place this barrel in your downspout or open area and begin conserving water for many years to come. There is a 1 1/2" internal overflow so you don't have to worry about over filling your barrel and flooding your foundation around the house. We also have a brass ball drain value with garden hose attachment that will allow you to easily bring the water to the areas that need it most whenever you need it. We do recommend that you drain this barrel in freezing temperatures so that it will last for many years. Choose from our large variety of speckled and solid colors to match your outdoor décor. Add a down spout diverter to your order to bring the running water quickly and easily from your existing down spout with each rain event.


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