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Above-Ground-Rain-Barrels Rain Barrel Kits

Above Ground Rain Barrels

If you are looking to save some money on your water bill then one of our above ground rain savers will meet your need. With the easy of installation of an above ground rain barrel and capacities from 45 gallons up to a gigantic 1500 gallons, we have you covered. You could use our Achla Woodgrain 50 gallon rain barrel to keep you lawn and garden watered or you could opt for one of our 600 gallon rain water harvest systems to bring some water independence to your home. Please remember that rain water is a great source of non-potable water but can not be used for drinking without special filtration.


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We a have a large selection of above ground rain barrels for you to choose from. Our Flat Back Wood Grain Rain Barrel looks great and sits flush against your home. This makes it easy to connect to your downspout. Or you could opt for one of our large 214 gallon rain harvest systems to water your lawn, wash your car, even keep your pond topped off and not run out of water.


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