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Blue Overflow Rain Barrel - Style 1 - 55 Gallons
Item#: 3920003

Every gardener and landscaper should invest in this Blue Overflow Rain Barrel - Style 1 - 55 Gallons. With their smooth blue coloring, these Rain Barrels look striking against the sky or next to any body of water.They have also been popular with customers who wish to paint landscape pictures directly onto their sides. With the purchase of this Rain Catcher, you can also trust that you're making a high quality, environmentally friendly choice. Each one is made from Food Quality High Density Poly Ethylene Plastic Barrels, and is cleansed with rain water and PH neutral soap before shipping.


  • Sturdy Screening keeps out unwanted sticks, leaves and pesky mosquitoes
  • Comes with Plastic Fittings to allow barrel to extend and contract
  • Available in an combination of colors and sizes to suit your individual taste

These rain catchers are durable and intended to stay outside even in the winter months. That way, you don't even have to worry about changing the downspouts in the Spring or the Fall. Purchase the Blue Overflow Rain Barrel - Style 1 - 55 Gallons and watch as your life gets a little bit easier.


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