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Flat Back Woodgrain Rain Barrel - 50 Gallons
Item#: 2340001

Every homeowner loves coming home to green lawns and lush gardens. A major concern in maintaining great greenery is how to keep them watered sufficiently during the dry season while maintaining beauty throughout the landscaping and keeping the water bill down. The creative design of the Flat Back Woodgrain Rain Barrel brings style and class to your water conservation efforts without a great amount of added cost. One of the best features of this rain barrel is its ability to rest flush against your house.

This barrel is designed out of heavy duty rotational molded construction for years of dependable service in collecting greatly needed water. The Flat Back Rain Barrel includes a long lasting 5 year UV8 coating that provides protection from damaging sunlight and keeps your rain barrel looking like new for years to come. The UV protection also prevents algae and mold from invading your stored water. You will love the authentic oak barrel, wood grain look that helps your barrel blend in with your outdoor décor.

A convenience of this barrel is that it easily links with other rain barrels to increase your water capturing capacity. All you need to do is use the Rain Barrel Link Kit (#2340005) to quickly and easily connect several barrels together. There is also a special shut off valve for hose hookup and dual overflow valves that help you control where and when you redirect your water. The designer debris screen is created to keep gutter grime and unwanted insects out of your stored water so that you won't have to worry about insects taking over your watering system. This barrel also boasts of being child and pet proof for that extra sense of security and protection for your loved ones. If you want more pressure to come out of your rain barrel, all you need to do is elevate the barrel more. This barrel can be placed on the specially designed Flat Back Rain Barrel Stand (#2340004) that gives you that little lift, increasing your water pressure coming from the barrel. You can also use the stand to help create that special look for your landscaping by giving several barrels different heights within your garden.

You can use this rain barrel as an accent piece in your landscaping theme as well as a great way to capture and save nature's best naturally soft water. Your plants and garden will love the natural nutrition that is provided throughout the dry season. You will love the beauty of the garden and plants as well as knowing that you are not going to increase your water bill by keeping them green and fresh. To quickly fill your rain barrel, you may want to add the down spout diverter, this will allow you to quickly fill several barrels during even the slightest rain event.


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