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Green Rain Collector - 53 Gallons
Item#: 2340006

If you live in a region that sees little rain, is currently under a drought, or just want to help cut your water bill, the Green Rain Collector is the perfect way to conserve rain water to be used whenever you need it. This barrel is created out of recycled plastic and you will appreciate the efforts to conserve our environment while providing naturally soft water that is perfect for outdoor watering, topping off swimming pools, or even washing your vehicles.

You will like the wood grain look of this economical barrel as well as the durability. This 53 gallon barrel is easily installed and you can quickly begin saving water and money immediately after installation. This barrel features an easy to access spigot that will allow you to take the stored water to whatever area you need, quickly and efficiently. You can also add to your order the Rain Collector Stand that will allow you to add height to your rain barrel. Adding height allows your water to flow with greater water pressure from the spigot. This barrel also has a child safety lid to keep your little ones and small animals out of harm's way.

No more will you have to stress about keeping your favorite landscaping looking green and lush, this barrel easily fills with each rain event and the water lasts until you are ready for it. Another bonus of using rain water instead of your locally provided tap water is that it doesn't leave spots on your vehicle when you use it to wash the vehicle. You will want to order one of our great rain water diverters to aid in filling your rain barrel quickly during a down pour. These diverters are easily installed to your existing down spout and will allow you to collect a great amount of water in very little time.

The Green Rain Collector is perfect for areas that have rain often but the rain doesn't last for long amounts of time. Did you know that using a rain barrel will save most homeowners about 1,300 gallons of water during the peak summer months? Therefore, using free water provided by nature not only helps the environment but it saves on your water bill; all while giving your plants nutritious perfectly balanced water.


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