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Moby Rain Barrel - 65 Gallons
Item#: 2380001

The 65 gallon, 100 percent recycled Moby Rain Barrel is designed with style and efficiency in mind. Rain barrels allow you to bring nature's best water to your gardens and landscaping area at any time during the growing season. You will love the ability of this rain barrel to attach easily to another barrel for extra rain water storage so that you will have plenty of nutritious water between rain storms. Your plants will love the naturally soft clean water that you provide and you will be rewarded with green gardens and healthy plants long into the drought season.

Conserving water has never been easier! This barrel has a large capacity overflow with a hose included for those heavy downpours. This barrel easily attaches to your existing down spout for a quick and efficient refill. The gravity fed system this barrel uses brings the most water pressure to your watering needs. There are two built-in overflow ports so that you can route your water to any desired area including another rain barrel. The specially designed screen trap keeps insects and debris out of your stored water so that you won't have to worry about your rain barrel becoming a mosquito breeding ground. The brass 3/4" spigot is perfect for attaching a standard garden hose to your barrel to take the water to whatever area needs it the most. There is also a special bolt-on lid to help keep the little ones out as well as small animals safe.

Add a water spout diverter to your down spout to easily direct the water from your existing down spout and quickly fill your rain barrel. With a great rain barrel like this one, you will enjoy longer lasting plants during the dry season without having to worry about added water bill costs.


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