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Nino Planter Top Rain Barrel Plus 55 Gallons
Item#: 2390002

The rectangular Nino rain barrel is created with style and convenience in mind. If you are concerned with conserving water and reducing your monthly watering bills for your garden throughout the growing season you will want to purchase a few rain barrels. This 55 gallon barrel has many features that bring durability with functionality to the forefront.

You will love the seamless construction with no gaskets to replace and the dependability of having all your fittings welded directly to the tank, which means no leaks. The barrel also has tapered sides to reduce stress during colder days and to reduce the cost of shipping because they can be stacked like Dixie cups if you order the removable top feature.

This tank has an attractive screened end to end inlet as well as a removable or non-removable top with a replaceable screen that helps keep it animal, child, and mosquito resistant. The end to end construction allows you to use the rain barrel in several different positions. The poly strainer is lined completely with standard window screen, to keep insects out of your stored water, and to allow you to easily replace it if needed. The barrel is fully UV protected and the eco-friendly material is completely recyclable. This barrel is designed out of food grade virgin polyethylene for that extra security and safety, no worry about leaking chemicals from this barrel harming your plants. This lovely barrel also boasts a removable top that has a devision to act as a planter box or to hold our planter tray. While you are welcome to use the top directly as a planter box the available planter tray will provide additional portability and allow you to move your plants while keeping the rain barrel's water covered.

With little to no effort you can easily place this functional rain barrel in your downspout area and you can begin conserving water for many years to come. There is a 1 1/2" external overflow so you don't have to worry about over filling your barrel or having water flooding your foundation of your home or garage. We also have a brass ball drain value with garden hose attachment that will allow you to easily bring the water to the areas that need it most. We do recommend that you drain this barrel in freezing temperatures to prevent cracking. Choose from our large variety of speckled and solid colors to match your outdoor décor easily. Add one of our great water diverters that will help bring water quickly and efficiently from your down spout.


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