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Northland Rain Barrel - 47 Gallons
Item#: 2340039

The Northland Rain Barrel - 47 Gallons was designed with your home décor in mind. This rain barrel will sit flush up against any wall as an interesting addition to your home. This is not your traditional rain barrel with it's stacked firewood look. This rain barrel features two threaded spigots at the side of the tank, at separate heights so you can fill up your watering can or hook up your garden hose with ease. The removable screen on the top safeguards the quality of your stored water by keeping out insects, animals, and debris. To access the water, simply adjust the shut-off valves on the hose hook-up or spigot.

Constructed from UV8- stabilized resin, this fade-resistant plastic material will never rot. The heavy-duty, rotational molded construction ensures a long lifespan. The rotational molding process produces vinyl products as one piece with a consistent, even wall thickness to prevent separation and leakage.


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