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Rain Wizard Rain Barrel - Black - 50 Gallons
Item#: 2430002

Water is scarce during the summer months in many areas of the world and that’s when 40% of water that is intended for household use is spent keeping your plants, gardens, and lawns fresh and green. Why not save your precious resources and keep your water bills low by using a flat back Rain Wizard Black Rain Barrel - 50 Gallons to redirect the water that flows through your downspout on your gutter system during each rain event. The Rain Wizard holds up to 50 Gallons of pure rainwater that will give you lush and green plants throughout the dry season without adding extra costs to your water bill. Your plants will enjoy the fresh water supply with nature's nutritiously balanced water.

With the Rain Wizard, you have quality, molded polyethylene construction that carries an 8 year UV package that will help keep your rain barrel looking like new for many years to come and helps it be resistant to mildew, mold, rotting, and rust. There is a flat back on this rain barrel that allows it to rest flush with the side of your building, giving you ample room in your landscaping theme. This barrel also features a secure closed design that is child and pet safe. The durable metal screen on the opening cuts down on standing water and doesn't allow bugs or gutter debris to invade your stored water.

The brass spigot that is used on this rain barrel is much higher quality than regular plastic versions and it will allow you to easily transport your water from your barrel to whatever area you need it most. All you have to do is hook up a hose to this spigot and your plants can easily be watered. This great barrel also features a front dispensing overflow valve that helps to move water away from the downspout area. The Rain Wizard is linkable with other Rain Wizards by using the specially designed Rain Wizard Rain Barrel Connector Kit so that you can dramatically increase the amount of water stored during each rain event.

Add this great water capturing system to your landscaping area and you will enjoy lush green plants throughout the growing season without raising your water bills or putting a strain on your local water supply. Your neighbors will all be jealous when they notice that your plants and lawn haven’t shriveled up and turned brown during the drought season. You will have to decide whether or not you want to share your little water conservation secret or remain the envy of the neighborhood!

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