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RainXchange Sandstone Rain Barrel - 75 Gallons
Item#: 2500002

The Aquascape RainXchange Rain Barrel doesn't look like most other rain barrels. Having this water collector in your yard or garden actually increase the aesthetics of your outdoor space. The RainXchange rain barrel has a large 75 gallon capacity. And with its 5 year warranty you can rest assured that this rain barrel will survive the worst that the elements can throw at it.

One great feature that shows the American ingenuity behind this rain water barrel is the internal overflow. The internal overflow allows you to handle excess rain water without ugly pipes coming out through the top of the barrel. This barrel also features a Childproof lid, a Brass Spigot, and thick plastic walls.

Why use the RainXchange rain barrel, because:

  • It's Simple. The RainXchange™ Rain Barrel can be incorporated into existing gutter and drainage systems.
  • It's Responsible. Water restrictions do not apply to rain barrels. Storing rain water allows you to keep gardens growing during watering restrictions and reduce the burden for municipal water.
  • It's Beneficial. Rain water is better for plants than municipally treated water.


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