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Rainwater Harvest - Tan - 214 Gallons
Item#: 2340010

Did you know that in a typical one inch rain event landing on a 1000 square feet of roof produces around 600 gallons of water? If you live in an area that has trouble maintaining enough water for your plants and outdoor watering needs to last through the dry season, you will want to add the Rainwater Harvest 214 Gallon Tan system to your landscaping theme. These systems are very easy to maintain and their durable construction will ensure that they last for years to come.

The tanks are manufactured using a commercial grade polyethylene with UV8 inhibitors that prevents mold and algae growth, which will keep your stored water fresh and beneficial until you need it. These special features also ensures that the storage tanks will not fade or deteriorate over a period of 5 years, allowing you years of service, virtually hassle-free. The rotational molding feature of this barrel produces virtually stress free construction of large or unusually shaped barrels. The walls are uniform thickness, giving dependable and reliable service for many years.

With this rain harvest system, you divert water from your down spout with a special hose that has a leaf catcher included, keeping debris out of your tank. The water is stored in the 214 gallon tank for use whenever you need it. When you need to access the water, a sump pump inside the tank delivers all the water you need to the specially placed spigot. The spigot allows a standard garden hose to be attached and then your water is ready for whatever use you have. We have added a child safe lid to keep your small children safe and out of harm's way.

This rectangular rain harvesting solution provides an attractive, efficient, economical and unique way to capture and store rainwater. Your plants will benefit from naturally produced rainwater because rainwater is slightly acidic which helps plants access soil nutrients better. Improve the look of your landscaping around your home while giving the local water source a break. This specially designed rainwater harvest system will give you water to keep your plants healthy, your pool full, and you can even wash your vehicles with this naturally soft water.


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