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Smooth Black Rain Barrel
- 55 Gallons
Item#: 2450001

When looking for an easy way to conserve rainwater during the growing season, you will enjoy the storage capacity of the Smooth Black Rain Barrel – 55 gallons. This economical barrel is designed to bring durability and style to your rain water collection needs too. This rain barrel allows you to grab all of the water that runs off of your roof, through your downspout, to be used during the dry times of the year.

This durable rain barrel is constructed from 80% recycled material for those of you that appreciate recycling and saving the Earth's environment. You don't have to worry about left behind chemicals from this barrel's previous uses harming your plants, you are the original owner. This barrel has a specially designed locking ring and lid to keep your children, pets, and other wildlife safe and out of your stored water. There is a flexible 2" x 3" spout that connects directly to your downspout, so that you can maximize your water capturing capabilities during each rain event.

When you need to access the water that is stored in your rain barrel, this barrel has some convenient features that makes accessing your water fast and easy. We have included a solid brass spigot that allows you to hook up your garden hose directly to this rain barrel so that you can direct your stored water to whatever area needs it the most. This spigot is located near the bottom of the barrel to allow you easy access to most of the water that is stored inside the barrel as well as giving you added pressure in your hose. You do not have to worry about purchasing a special designer hose to attach to this great rain barrel because any standard size garden hose will easily do the job. Sometimes during a heavy down pour, you will have your rain barrel fill very quickly and then the water washes over the barrel's edge and runs into your foundation causing damage. This barrel has a specially designed overflow port that redirects overflowing water away from the foundation of your house or building during a lengthy rain event.

The Smooth Black Rain Barrel allows you to easily capture and store up to 55 gallons of nature's best water. You can use this rainwater to water your outdoor plants, keep your lawns lush and green, or even use this naturally soft water to clean your vehicle. No longer will you have to worry about how to keep your landscaping looking fresh and healthy during the drought season.


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