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The Great American Rain Barrel
Unpainted - 60 Gallons
Item#: 2370004

The matte gray The Great American Rain Barrel
Unpainted - 60 Gallons
shows American ingenuity at its best. This rain barrel is created from re-purposed food containers. The durability and the eco-friendly nature of the Great American Rain Barrel takes water conservation to the next level. Every one of these rain barrels that sells saves not just our precious water resource but also stops another container adding to our landfill problems. And the Great American Rain Barrels 60 gallon capacity provides you with a large quantity of water for your gardens and plants in your landscaped areas during the dry season.

Each Great American Rain Barrel is designed out of highly durable 3/16" polyethylene, a material proven to be resilient to years of use. Your stored water is also UV protected as no light is allowed inside the barrel. This will help prevent any issues with algae. Even though the barrel is food grade quality the water it stores is not for drinking unless you invest in the proper filtration systems. To help keep leaves and other gutter debris out of your water the rain barrel includes a fine mesh screen help in place under the strong plastic lid.

The Great American Rain Barrel comes with one hose threaded plastic spigot initially located at bucket height. This spigot is easily placed in the lower drilled outlet if you don't need to fill buckets with it. By lowering the spigot you gain access to all the water at the bottom of the barrel and you can increase your water pressure. The rain barrel also includes two overflow outlets enabling you to daisy chain multiple rain barrels together.

Don't forget to add the Save the Rain Diverter to your order to help divert the water from your downspout into your safe, eco-friendly rain barrel. This diverter will take the stress out of rain collection and quickly fill any barrel that is attached to it. Place this barrel in any area that would benefit from having a water source nearby.


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