Achla 54 Gallon Green Rain Barrel
Item#: 56402845

Save money and conserve water this summer with the Achla 54 Gallon Green Rain Barrel! Rain barrels are the perfect way to collect rainwater and then use that water throughout the summer to water your flowers or gardens without having to pump water from the hose!


  • Capacity: 54 Gallons
  • Linking kit included with each barrel
  • Overflow hose diverts excess water away from the house

Made of durable UV-stable polyethylene, the Achla 54 Gallon Green Rain Barrel will last for years to come, no matter the weather. If 54 gallons is not enough for your water needs, no problem! This barrel comes with a fool-proof linking kit to link up multiple barrels so that you can get all the water you need without any fuss! Begin to experience the wonder of saving water today with this rain barrel from Achla!


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